Welcome to Code Red First Aid & Safety

We are a van based supplier of first aid and safety kits and supplies.  We have everything from bandages to defibrillators.  We also provide training classes for everything from CPR and AED to Clokesaver and Evacuation Produres.  Our can service area covers New England, but we also ship to customers from all over the world.

We guarantee our prices for 2 years and NEVER charge fees for servicing your first aid kits.

At Your Workplace

It is important that your place of business has certain first aid and emergency supplies available, so that you can respond to workplace emergencies.  Your emergency supplies should be organized and if your company is large, have several locations where the supplies are kept so that they can be accessed quickly and easily.  Each company member should know where these supplies are and have a basic knowledge of how to use them.  Using wall mounted signs help employees find supplies quickly.

At Your Home 

If the power went out at home and someone fell and scraped a knee in the dark, would you know where to quickly find first aid supplies in your home?  Would you know how to treat the wound?